Grid Energy and DER Management Education

workshops and training: manufacturing personnel

Training, Education, and Workshops

Asset PerformiX provides education, training and workshops to customers who want to learn more about Grid Modernization, DERMS, and VPP technologies connecting distributed resources and assets.

Our workshops are designed by experts, leaders, and practitioners where we discuss the current issues with the energy supply chain, regulatory standards, risk management, security, best practices, technologies and mitigation strategies. Our subjects cover distributed energy resource management, virtual power plants, renewable resources, Volt/VAR optimization, CAL Rule 21, demand peak charges, to identifying challenges and hurdles building a safer, greener, and more resilient power grid.

Training, Education, and Workshop Offerings

Grid DERMS and DER Technology Workshops
    • Introduction Grid Modernization
    • DER Utility Asset Management and APM 4.0
    • Monitoring and Tracking usage and maintenance
    • Solar PV Plant O&M practices
    • DERMS, VPP, SCADA and Digital Twins
    • Dispatchable DER Response
    • Demand Side Data
    • Integrating Battery Storage
    • PV Inverters and Data Management
    • Communications and Data Model Standards
    • Architecture and Cyber Security
Grid Modernization Subjects
    • Understanding the Grid and Energy Services
    • Distributed Energy Resources Management
    • Virtual Power Plants and Micro-grids
    • Energy Management Systems
    • Battery Storage Systems
    • Solar PV and Operations Maintenance
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Systems