Grid Modernization | Strategy and Roadmaps

Site, Energy, and Power Assessments

Grid Strategy and Roadmaps

The growth of utility-scale renewables and distributed energy resources (DER) is skyrocketing. The impact of this growth is causing crucial decisions about investment, policies, compliance, power capabilities, and rates. To help stakeholders with their grid strategy, we offer roadmap strategy gap analysis to align strategic programs and initiatives with solutions, operations, and services. We help evaluate investments with gap analysis, risk management, ROI, best practices, innovation, markets and models, metrics, and customer experience. Our service is to ensure a process to support a changing organization and culture developing innovation and business model strategies to meet the growing expectations with customers and industry initiatives.

Our expertise covers advanced technologies, services, vendors, and operations working with research labs, consultants, EPRI, utilty teams offering gap analysis, interviews, surveys, to rolling up our sleeves getting the data and analysis you need. We help align strategic objectives, metrics, and bench mark performance with a proven model of excellence that measures, validates and improves your assets, performance and customer expectations.

DER Site and Power Engineering Studies

Roadmap Strategy with Energy Programs, DERMS, Virtual Power Plants, Advanced Technology Systems, Demand Response, and DER Systems

    • Strategic Road Mapping
    • DERMS / Virtual Power Plants / Microgrids
    • PV Plants / Storage / Smart Inverters
    • Renewable Resource and Demand Response Programs
    • Green Sustainability and Carbon Neutral Programs
    • Energy Efficiency and Optimizations
    • Day-Ahead-Scheduling and Forecasting
    • System Control Centers
    • Remote Site - Renewable Assets
    • Power and Protection Systems
DER Engineering