Services Overview

Factory IQ - Services Overview

Energy Strategy Roadmaps

The growth of utility-scale renewables and distributed energy resources (DER) is The skyrocketing. This growth is causing crucial decisons about investment, return on investment, policies, compliance, and rates. Industry goals are being set and the long term strategy with the organization, stake holders, and costs with how programs will be delivered. Roadmaps are needed that align the organization, teams, and people with product and services to support the growing need with customers. We offer strategy and road mapping that focus on full life cycle capabilities aligned between the organization, people, technologies, operations and maintenance.

Education and Workshops

We offer customers the education and workshops focused on grid modernization with DER resources, asset performance, integration and control with different types of renewable resources. We discuss Industry 4.0 technology, model based integration, standards, and event driven real-time data collection combined with condition monitoring. At the site level we discusss connecting and controlling to your assets with PLC controllers, sensors, PID control voltage and frequency control tuning power and energy performance. We discuss cybersecurity, Internet of things, cloud technologies, forecasting, and predictive analytics with communications and fault diagnostics.

Architecture Engineering

Industrial Internet Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 and transformation are all the new buzz words marketing people are writing about today to describe business transformation. What we do is help business managers, engineering managers and executives get beyond the buzz words to take advantage of these technologies to develop new strategies that aligns to your business strategy. We use these technologies to connect your assets, people, infrastructure (IT/OT), and processes into new services models that creates new business cases, revenue streams and sustainable savings in your value chain.

DERMS System Management

We offer a solid foundation and management for Industrial Analytics using machine learning predictive analytics. Our Asset machine learning tools take real time process and event data from your controllers and sensors stored in a long-term time series repository where it is mapped into asset equipment models. Our solution offers data modeling, regression, best fit algorithms (R, SAS, Python), data process rules and data training to predict useful life or time to failure, multi-class or binary classification to predict anomalies or failures in different time windows.

Site System Integration

Our services offers clients seasoned senior electrical, process and control engineers in process automation, equipment machine builders, (OEM's), power and process systems in 8 industries. Our experience combines over 100+ years with all kinds of applications and processes with planning, production (continuous, batch and discrete), power systems, quality, compliance and delivery. We also have 10 years in utility, energy, storage, and renewables with proven expertise integrating Rockwell Automation, Rosemount, OSI-Soft, Wonderware, Siemens, Honeywell and Schneider Electric automating facilities with complete product and operations traceability.

DER Resource Engineering

One of our offerings is helping customers specify, recommend and engineer which sensors to use. We provide over 30 years experience with instrumentation and control from large modernization to small projects working with all types of equipment and OEM suppliers. Our engineering services provides PI&D development, specifying instrumentation, calibration and maintenance systems to interfacing into your existing plant control legacy systems. Our services covers OPC-UA communications, instruments (pressure, level, flow, temp, weight, pH, vibration, power, metering), PLC networks, embeded network devices to vision, inspection, and RFID/barcode location tracking systems.