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Modernizing the Grid | Managing Energy with Customer DER Resources

Energy and Engineering Services

DER Engineering Services

We offer our customers the best value and solutions for the following:

  • Business Strategy
    • Business Use Case Development
    • Road Maps and Gap Analysis
    • Energy and Engineering Studies
  • Education and Training
    • Education and Workshops
    • Data Communications
    • Volt/Var & DER Integration
    • Cloud Technologies
  • System Engineering
    • Condition Monitoring & O&M
    • Alarm Management
    • Predictive Data Analytics
    • Dispatching & Historical Data
    • Reporting and Compliance
  • Site Engineering
    • Power Quality & Metering
    • Site Asset Assessment
    • Assets, Power, and Integration
    • Site Commissioning
  • Utility Interoperability Standards
    • IEC-61850-4-720
    • IEEE-2030.5
    • SunSpec Alliance
    • Cal Rule 21 Interconnection
Distributed Energy Resource Management

The DER Business Case - Utilities, Customers, and Builders

Today the electric power grid has increased demands, shortages, power quality, rolling blackouts, and pricing fluctuations causing many challenges to utilities and their customers. To meet this need they are looking to use different types of distributed energy resources located close to customers where it's needed the most. DER is faster and less expensive as a sustainable resource providing new choices and options delivering power where it is needed the most. It reduces risk with a higher reliable product service delivering quality and power with changing loads reducing time of use peak loads while improving energy efficieny, and grid resiliency.

How We Help Customers - Consulting Engineering Services

Asset PerformiX is a consulting company that brings a proven approach developing ADMS, VPP, and DERMS for a major US investor owned utilities. Our solutions have ran for 10 years with over 120 MW of dispatchable power as demand response systems. These systems have added DG, Battery Storage, PV, Roof-Top Solar, Gas Turbines, biog-gas plants, and many other types of DER resources.

In other words our methodology is a proven holistic approach with a scaleable strategy and digital twin data model developed as a "open solution platform" supported by engineering services, education, integration, and proven DER technology supported by utility standards. We help utilities, vendors, project builders, or anyone that is building a product-service supporting the grid. We offer workshops, training, and programs to solution architecture system design with ADMS, DERMS, and VPP as advanced intelligence with real-time two-way high speed data communications, alerts, and diagnostics with DER assets, equipment, and controls.

PV Site Operations, Production Performance, & O&M

Solar Plant PV Operations and Management

IoT Cloud - Digital Twin SCADA
Remote Asset Monitoring

PV plant SCADA Monitoring

Real-Time Visbility * Data intellgience Weather * Predictive Analytics (AI) Historical Data * Alarms * Alerts * Mobility Monitoring * Diagnostics * Communications * Open Standards
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