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Grid and DER workshops and training


Asset PerformiX capabilities gets you to the next level with your projects, technology, engineering, and standard practices to decide on the best strategy, technology, and approach in building out to network your and manage your assets. We show the gap between strategy, metrics, operations, condition monitoring and quality custom tailoring your system to fit your needs now and into the future.

We offer both products and services designed educate your team aligning to meet your long term needs, questions your teams may have, and making sure we align to your sustainability green energy, customers, and environmental compliance needs. As part of our program we offer workshops and training with your executives and senior managers to technical operations people to get the most out of the solution to deliver a high quality customer product and service programs.

Products and Services Offerings

PV Production Site and Grid DERMS Management
    • Strategy and Roadmaps
    • Use Case Development
    • DERMS and Asset Performance
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Cybersecurity
    • Asset and Power Production Performance
    • Better Asset Availability and Utilization
    • Operational Awareness, Compliance, and Safety
    • Industry Standards and Best Practices
    • Reliability and Sustainability
Advanced Systems and Asset Network Resources
    • Understanding Smart Grid, Energy Services and Programs
    • Distributed Energy Resources Management
    • Virtual Power Plants and Micro-grids
    • Energy Management Systems
    • Battery Storage Systems
    • Solar PV and Operations Maintenance
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Systems