Renewables Real-Time Condition Monitoring Data Performance

Asset PerformiX Condition Management Performance Renewable Asset Condition Performance

Asset Performix DERMS and VPP systems connected to power quality meters, feeders, switch gear and other assets providing active grid services to control and manage voltage, frequency, and reactive power control behind the meter. DER generation asset data are aggregated to give a regional and distributed area power generation with demand response, peaking demand, voltage management, and optimal power flow.

Real-Time DER Visualization and Condition Event Performance

Our solution offers integrates predictive analytics, asset management, health condition performance, energy management, metrics and complete history as a smart power intelligence management system. We monitor the health of systems, smart devices, legacy controllers to battery storage, biogas, PV inverters, modules, strings, and sensors. Our communication system provides over 150 different interoperability communication protocol interfaces supporting many different industry standards such as IEEE 2030.5 SEP, SEGIS, EPRI, and the Sunspec Alliance inverter and common data models.

Asset Condition Events (examples)

    • Communication Diagnostics and Watchdog Timers
    • ESS and Inverters Health State Conditions
    • Kwh, KVA, KVARS, Volts, Amps, Hz, PF
    • Capacity Factors, Energy Import/Export
    • DC Current Charging/Discharge, Ops Modes
    • String Voltages and Temperatures
    • Actual Capacity States
    • Alarms and Events of Control Modules
    • Demand Peaks, Reductions, and Periods
    • Deviation Targets vs Demand Reductions

dashboards and metrics

Asset Dashboards KPI's and Metrics

View your production assets, equipment and resources with dashboards comparing performance, OEE, metrics, rates, downtime and rejects.

Data Collection

Real-Time Intelligent Event
Data Collection

Collect data from your asset controllers with 150 different TCP and IIoT protocols with cyber security using rules based data communication and asset health diagnostics.

SCADA System

Real-Time Graphics, Alarms, and Alerts

Monitor equipment, assets, resources, process variables, PI&D with performance, set points, alarms, and rates using your internet browser.

process historian

Historical Data
Time Series Analysis

Analyze asset equipment, process variables, conditions, states, alarms, set points and health diagnostics using historical time series data.