Aggregating your DER Assets into a VPP Network

Asset PerformiX DERMS and VPP

Virtual power plants and distributed energy management provide active power control across a regional area connected by feeders and substations with customer assets to provide active grid services that voltage, frequency, and reactive power control behind the meter. Assets are aggregated to give a regional and distributed area power generation with demand response, peaking demand,voltage management, and optimial power flow.

We offer advanced intelligent monitoring collecting thousands of data points from metering, load, voltage, amps, frequency and other intelligent sensors to increase resilency, reliability, production, and performance with high availability.

Networking DER Energy Assets

Asset PerformiX Open Data system as the next generation platform connecting to generation assets, renewables, controllers, and sensors collecting real-time process, event, health diagnostics, and alarm with high resolution time series real-time data.

Asset PerformiX solution offers predictive analytics, asset management, health condition performance, energy management and metrics intelligence that connects to industrial automation, legacy, and smart devices. Connect to battery storage, electric vechicle charging, biogas and PV inverter systems to smart manufacturing systems that use industrial networks, controllers and systems from Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, Modicon, Siemens, and Rosemount controls.

Asset PerformiX manages an connects locally or remotely to assets on-premise or as a IIoT cloud with manufacturing, buildings, distributed energy renewables (DER) or utility assets. Asset PerformiX combines intelligent real-time data collection with asset performance (APM 4.0) to icrease reliability, metrics, health and condition equipment performance transforming services with products, market opportunities, and business decision analytics.

asset tracking management

Asset Performance Energy Tracking

Track Assets, operations, maintenance, instruments, calibration, and product specs with projecct savings and efficiency improvements.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Forecasting

Examine process, operations, efficiency and event data to discover asset equipment patterns and anomolies with predictive and regression data model analytics.

Industrial IoT Security

Industrial Cyber Strength Security

We employ the strongest cyber security with role management, advanced encryption, and standards with best practices using continuous threat detection and user authentication.

VPP mobile alerts and notifications

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Get alerts on your generation assets equipment with real time notifications on your iPhone, Google, Samsung phones or tablet.