About Us

Portland, Oregon

Our Company

At the heart of our company is our people. We strive working together bringing knowledge, experience, and talent to deliver the best solutions in the industry to solve your challenges. In your projects we work collaboratively with your people and leaders ensuring we are meeting your needs and goals. In 2019 we changed our name to Asset PerformiX to focus on a more holistic approach with renewables, real-time data intelligence, and resource management. We integrate SCADA, digital twin with real time data intelligence and asset condition management integrating behind the meter with generation assets and equipment. Resiliency and reliability are used as a full life cycle management approach offering subject-matter-expertise, knowledge, and sound engineering practices supporting and listening to the needs of our customers.

Our History

Our history started in 2004 with a major utility DER project. We started working with a proof-of-concept developing the first known US virtual power plant building an open platform dispatching customer generation assets as a paralleling peaking power and demand response system. We started with the business case working with a utility program manager developing a small team developing the architecture gaining customers with new approach and innovation before industry smart grid initiatives. We scaled the solution to over to 70 sites learning and improving each site from operation, aggregating data, analyzing root-cause faults, supporting and connecting to customers assets. We developed intelligent information management, historical data over multiple years improving availability, reliability, O&M, and resiliency with standby generators, PV solar, micro-turbines, biogas, and wind. Today after 10 years the virtual power plant is delivering over 120 MW of generation.. The VPP solution received over 10 different awards that was recognized as one of the most successful programs connecting to customers assets as a DER demand response and peaking power generation system.

Our Team

We base our culture on the values of integrity, passion, kindness, and service. Our values are integrated into our company strategy and belief that keeping our skills sharpened with our thirst for knowledge, experience, and training while helping our clients be the best they can be achieving their goals. Service to us is supporting and serving to our customer needs going that extra step or mile. We view that this part of building great relationships when our customers next project or investment comes up that we will be the first company they think about because of the value we bring.

Our Value

Our value statement and goal is simple; help our clients get the most out of their assets, people and resources maximizing and sustaining performance. Our goal is to design the best engineered systems with the highest quality control supported by industry best practices and standards.

We focus on the "voice-of the customer" listening to your needs, people, and requirements earning your respect as a partner and trusted advisor. We offer new ideas, abilities and better engineered approaches with new emerging technologies to drive operational performance. Our solutions support your strategic initiatives finding better ways to add value giving your company the competitive advantage over your competitors.