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Modernizing the Grid | Helping Utilities, Energy Providers, and Solution Vendors

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Advanced Grid Technologies

We help our customers deliver exciting new innovation, solutions, and results:

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  • Marketing and Customers

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  • Smart Grid Technologies

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  • Predictive Analytics

  • Site Equipment Engineering

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  • Utility Communication Standards

  • Site Equipment & Metering
Distributed Energy Resource Management

The Business Case | Utilities, Project Developers, and Customers

Today the electric power grid has increased demands, shortages, power quality, rolling blackouts, and pricing fluctuations causing many challenges to utilities and their customers. To meet this need they are looking to use different approach and types of distributed energy resources located close to customers where it's needed the most. DER is faster and less expensive as a sustainable resource providing new choices and options delivering power where it is needed the most. It reduces risk with a higher reliable product service delivering quality and power with changing loads reducing time of use peak loads while improving energy efficiency, and grid resiliency.

How We Help? Strategy, Projects, and Consulting Services

Asset PerformiX is a consulting company that brings a proven engineering and business model with utilities, project developers, vendors, and energy customers delivering proven experience, technology, and solutions. We have worked with utilities, renewables, researchers, and energy companies trying to figure the challenges with distributed energy resources (battery storage, EV, PV, rooftop solar, micro-turbines) with a carbon neutral foot print. The challenge has been out dated infrastructure (IT/OT), SCADA, OMS, Databases, real-time communications, diagnostics, data centers overlaid with new advanced cloud technologies and services. This adds complexities to old infrastructures with the challenge in how to add various types of services, AI (machine learning), transactional energy integrating pricing, time of use (TOU), demand response, load shifting, and power peaking.

The market has changed with regulations where different vendors and project builders are connecting their resources to the grid. With these challenges utilities are trying to figure out electrical infrastructure energy and different types of customers are trying to figure out all the conditions types and behaviors from Voltage/VAR optimization, assets monitoring, to operational performance to learn how to balance, forecast, and schedule power with its resources to create a resilient and reliable grid. As part of this change utilities are now looking how to use ADMS, VPP, DERMS, DER, EV electrification and de-carbonization to improve their power infrastructure managing all these diverse needs.

Industry Experience

We have worked with several utilities programs and many vendors from Halton Caterpillar, GE, Schneider Electric, SEL, PV integrator manufacturers, integrators, building owners, industry expertise (marketing/sales, training, and power / controls engineering) with energy efficiency, optimization, DER, battery storage, electric vehicles, and utilities developing new smart grid innovation and application engineering for over 15 years.

Today one of our smart grid systems, a virtual power plant and micro-grid dispatches over 120 MW in less than 30 seconds connected to over 70 sites integrated with power relay protection and substation breaker and islanding technology delivering dispatchable power generation. It has run for over 10+ years providing asset reliability and grid resiliency as a complete asset operations (O&M) and performance management dash boards, site screens, and data analytics integrated into two utility SCADA control centers serving over 800K customers.

Helping Customers Grow their Business

We help customers, utilities, and vendors consulting whether its helping to grow your business with more customers and opportunties or helping to grow and work with your team with our consulting expertise to gain more market share. Areas of consulting services includes buisness strategy, development, marketing and sales, engineering services, education, integration, application engineering, or industry standards. We help utilities, vendors, project builders, or anyone that is building a product-service supporting the grid.

PV Site Operations, Production Performance, & O&M

Solar Plant PV Operations and Management

Dashboards, Monitoring,
Historical Data and Analysis

PV plant SCADA Monitoring

Smart Grid Model Based Integration

Digital Twin 4.0 Data Management

Bonneville Power Administration
Portland General Electric
Oregon Department of Energy
Gridwise Alliance